Curriculum Introduction

Objectives of English Language Curriculum

  1. Establish students' interest and confidence in learning English
  2. Develop students' language competency in using English as a means of communication in daily life
  3. Help students acquire good understanding of how the language is organized and applied
  4. Promote collaborative learning and teaching among teachers to further enhance the teaching effectiveness

Curriculum Development

  1. Provide an authentic environment for students to learn English and develop their confidence in using English for communication
  2. Environment for students by implementing a cross-curriculum reading programme and Chinese culture project
  3. Develop students' language competency and phonetic skills by implementing a school-based reading and phonics curriculum
  4. Employ a wide range of innovative teaching strategies and activities to cater for learners' diversity
  5. Integrate e-learning into the curriculum
  6. Enhance students’ higher order thinking skills
  7. Develop students’ self-directed learning habits
  8. Share good practices in language teaching and participate in workshops or seminars which are beneficial to the teacher professional development

English Activities

  • Penmanship competition (P.1-P.6)
  • Speech Festival (P.1-P.6)
  • English Week (P.1-P.6)
  • English Morning Assembly (P.1-P.6)
  • English Ambassadors
  • English Drama (P.3-P.6)